80% attendance is compulsory. In case of shortage the student is not eligible for University Exams, bus pass and post-matric scholarships.


Biometric system is used to record the attendance of the student and also to communicate the arrival and the departure of the student to the parents through SMS.


No educational institution can function smoothly and purposefully without maintaining certain standards of discipline, decorum and dignity. Without discipline one can’t achieve greatness in public or private life. Discipline doesn’t impose restrictions, but sets one free and leads to success.Students are expected to be punctual and to attend classes regularly. They are expected to behave and conduct themselves in a dignified manner. They must be respectful towards the teachers. The management expects complete co-operation from the students.

  • The principal shall have complete powers for the maintenance of discipline in the college.
  • The principal may discontinue or cancel scholarship or any financial aid to a student on the grounds of irregularity or indiscipline or indecent behavior.
  • Students should keep the college premises clean and tidy.
  • Students are required to maintain discipline and silence in the class rooms and avoid disturbing the classes.
  • Students should be polite and courteous to the teaching as well as the office staff.
  • Bringing outsiders into the college premises without obtaining prior permission from the principal is deemed as misconduct.
  • Organising any activity without the permission of the principal in writing constitutes misconduct.
  • Students should wear only decent and dignified clothes. They should observe restraint and ensure decorum in their dress habits. Students found violating the above are accordingly dealt with at stipulated intervals.
  • Frequent late coming and irregularity in attending classes shall not be tolerated. Such students are liable to be sent out of the college premises by issuing TCs.
  • Despite strong security, if any student leaves the campus without informing the campus authorities, the institution shall not bear any responsibility thereof.
  • Activities of the students outside the campus have no legal binding on the institution. Such students are not allowed to continue and TC shall be issued to them forthwith.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed into campus in view of general discipline and to maintain class-room decorum.
  • Students under any circumstances shall not be called out of the class room when class is in progress.
  • In case of dire necessity of leave, students must produce a leave letter only with the consent of their parents