It is hereby informed to B.Sc and B.Com Students of II and III years during the academic year 2016-2017 to register for the Supplementary Examination to be conducted in Sep/Oct – 2016, the following is the schedule for the payment of examination fee and submitted application forms:
Without late fee: 29/08/2016
With late fee Rs.100/- 10/09/2016
Note:1. The Details of Examination fee schedule will displayed on the
notice board
Note:2. Students must submit copy of previous years marks memorandum along
with examination fee.
Note:3. Students must pay I term fee.

Supply – Exam Fee Details:

I. Upto 1 or 2 paper Rs. 560/- +(Rs.50/- for
English CBT) ( Year Wise fee)

II. 3 or more than paper Rs.835/- +(Rs.50/- for
English CBT) ( Year Wise fee)

III. Migration Fee Rs,100/-(Candidates who took
admission from other university)

IV. Additional Fee per Paper Rs.1000/-(For candidates admitted to I year in the academic year 2008-2009 to 2010-2011)



Notice For IHC,SC & HumanValues Exams

  Notice For IHC,SC & HumanValues Exams           25.0102016

All the Degree students are hereby informed that the schedule of the Osmania University Examinations in Indian Heritage and Culture, Environmental Studies  & Science and Civilization is as follows:


I Year              Indian Heritage & Culture                08.02.2016                  1pm to 4 pm

I Year              Human Values & Prof. Ethics          09.02.2016                  1 pm to 4 pm

II Year             Environmental Studies                    08.02.2016                  9 am to 12 noon

III Year            Science & Civilizations                    08.02.2016                  9 am to 12 noon


Life Science


I Year              Computer Skills                                09.02.2016                  9 am to 12 noon

II Year             Computer Skills                                09.02.2016                  9 am to 12 noon


  • Important questions are displayed on the Notice Board & Website



Ideal Degree College for Women


Note: 1. Attendance is compulsory as the marks of the above examination will be mention in the Annual

Marks Memorandum


  1. Students will not be allowed to write the examination unless they have “NO DUES” slip.

IHS,S&C,ES Question Papers

Find out following question subjects question papers…


Find outquestion paper as follws

Human Values and Professional Ethics


Class   : B.SC & B.COM.—I year

Time   :  3 hrs

NOTE:  1. Answer any five questions from the follwing. One question is compulsory in each unit.

  1.     All questions carry equal marks.     5×10=50





  1. What do you mean by values? How do they differ from skill ? How are values and skill complementary ?


What are the basic guidelines for value education ?



  1. Why is it important to study yourself ? How does it help in your day-to-day life ?


Self-exploration is a process of dialogue between ‘what you are’ and ‘ what you really want to be’. Explain and illustrate.


  1. Define trust. Iiiustrate the feeling of trust with one example.


What is the basis of ‘ respect’ for a human being ? Do you see that the other human being is also similar to you ? Explain.


  1. What is ethical human conduct ? Explain it in terms of values, policies and character.


Right understanding in the  individuals is the basis for harmony in the family, which is the building block for harmony in the society. Give your  comments.



  1. What do you mean by ‘profession’? Why is it required to acquire ethical competence in profession?


Critically examine the issues in professional ethics in the current scenario. List any five any five unethical practices in profession today and the methods being tried to curb  them. Comment on the long term effectiveness of these methods.